Diamond segments for sandstone

Diamond segments that are an essential part of the saw blade, designed for cutting sandstone. The segments we sell provide good performance, durability and cutting quality. By replacing worn segments, cutting tools gain new efficiency.


Diamond segments for sandstone are specialized tools used in the process of cutting, grinding and polishing.

Diamond segments for sandstone are usually equipped with large-grain diamonds, which are very sharp and effectively cut through sandstone. Because sandstone is soft but porous, diamond segments must be quite aggressive to cut through this stone quickly and effectively. At the same time, they must be gentle enough not to damage the surface of the sandstone.

Diamond segments for sandstone are also usually provided with hard steel bond to prevent diamond degment wearing and extend the life of the tool. Diamond segments for sandstone are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different applications and stages of sandstone processing.

It is important to choose the right size and granularity of diamond segments for sandstone depending on the specific application. Good quality diamond segments surfaced on a sandstone cutting wheel provide fast and efficient cutting, grinding and polishing of sandstone, which allows for excellent surface quality.