Flat Glass Edging Machine FZM9325

Take a look at our  Flat Glass Edging Machine FZM 9325, which features an extremely stable and robust design. Its frame is made of cast iron, which ensures durability and strength. The frame made of aluminum profiles further strengthens the structure.

Our FZM 9325 glass beading machine is designed for precision glass processing. Thanks to its robust construction, it provides accurate and precise results. Guiding the belt by a chain with high-quality staves guarantees stability and a secure hold on the glass during processing.

The operation of the edger is extremely easy and intuitive. It can be quickly mastered, allowing you to use the machine effectively.

Take advantage of our FZM 9325 straight glass edging machine, which provides precise glass processing thanks to its stable construction and intuitive manual control. Simple operation and high quality workmanship make it the perfect tool for professional glass edge finishing.


Flat Glass Edging Machine technical parameters:

  • Working speed: 1.0-5.0 m/min – Our edgebander offers adjustable working speed, which allows you to adapt to different types of processing.
  • Maximum bevel width: 3 mm – Our edger accurately finishes glass edges with a maximum width of 3 mm.
  • Minimum glass size: 100×100 mm – We can process glass with a minimum size of 100×100 mm.
  • Glass thickness: 3-25 mm – Our edger is suitable for processing glass of different thicknesses, from 3 to 25 mm.
  • Control: Manual – The edger is manually controlled, giving the operator full control over the processing.
  • Power: 19 kW – Enough power is provided to ensure smooth operation and efficient processing.
  • Dimensions: 7100x1050x2500 mm – Optimal dimensions allow the edger to be placed in a suitable work area.
  • Weight: 3,000 kg – Robust construction and durable materials make the edgebander stable and reliable in use.


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