Glass bevelling machine FXM251P

Glass bevelling machine FXM251P – precision and quality machining for all types of flat glass.


Our Glass bevelling machine FXM251P is a professional tool that provides high quality and precision glass processing. Its strong and stable construction, including the cast iron frame, guarantees reliability and durability for many years of use.

A distinguishing feature of our beveling machine is the front beam with raising and lowering option, allowing you to conveniently adjust the machine to different sizes and types of glass. This allows you to easily and precisely adjust the processing according to your individual requirements.

Controlling the beveling machine is extremely easy and intuitive thanks to the touchscreen display. The automatic touch panel control allows for smooth operation and precise beveling settings.

The FXM 251P is equipped with 8 discs, enabling simultaneous processing of large batches of glass. The working speed ranges from 0.6 to 3 meters per minute, enabling fast and efficient glass processing.

Our chamfering machine has a maximum chamfer depth of 30 mm, and the chamfer angle is adjustable from 3 to 30 degrees. The minimum size of glass that can be processed is 120×120 mm, and glass thickness can range from 3 to 19 mm.

Despite its sturdy design, the chamfer machine is relatively handy, weighing about 3,800 kg, while maintaining dimensions of 7670x1250x2520 mm.

If you are looking for an advanced tool for flat glass processing, our FXM 251P straight beveling machine will meet your needs. With its ease of operation, high quality workmanship and precision machining, it will become an indispensable device in your glass workshop.

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