Glass sandblaster DPSK-1600

The DPSK-1600 automatic vertical glass sandblasting machine is a high-quality machine that is ideal for spray sandblasting and creating patterns on flat glass from 3 to 50 mm thick. It consists of several key sections, ensuring that the sandblasting process is carried out efficiently and precisely.


The first section is the conveying section, which is responsible for moving the glass through the machine. Thanks to horizontal toothed belts, the glass is smoothly and evenly conveyed inside the machine. When the glass reaches the position for sandblasting, the spray guns, which are driven by a vertical timing belt, are automatically activated.

An important part of the machine is also the sandblasting cabinet, where the actual sandblasting process takes place. The automatic sand spraying system ensures even and controlled distribution of the abrasive material on the glass surface. In addition, the machine is equipped with sand collection equipment, which allows the sand to be effectively recovered and reused, making the process efficient and economical. An automatic control system is used here, which monitors and regulates all aspects of sandblasting. This allows precise adjustment of parameters such as time, pressure and intensity of sandblasting to achieve the desired results.

The nozzles of the spray guns are made of a special material, which significantly extends their life. The glass is transferred to the sandblasting booth, which is equipped with as many as 3 such spray guns. The guns can automatically blow sand onto the surface of the glass according to a set specification on a touch screen. The sandblasting machine is also equipped with an additional hand gun.

Piaskarka do szkła DPSK-1600

PLC from the renowned Mitsubishi company

Piaskarka do szkła DPSK-1600


The DPSK-1600 sandblaster is automatically controlled by a PLC touch screen.

Piaskarka do szkła DPSK-1600

1 manual spray gun and 3 automatic spray guns are built into the sandblaster


Piaskarka do szkła DPSK-1600

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