Single wire saw for stone, mono-wire saw STJD-2200

Single wire saw for stone, mono-wire saw STJD-2200 is a very simple machine for splitting (cutting) stone blocks and cutting them into slabs using simple cuts with a single diamond wire. The rigid and stable structure of the machine consists of two cast iron pillars connected by a steel beam. The 2200mm diameter rope wheels are raised and lowered by an electric motor driving trapezoidal screws located in the center of the poles. The main drive is realized by a belt transmission from an electric motor, in which the speed is regulated by an inverter. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic cable tensioning system with adjustable tension force. Adjustment and setting of the operating parameters of this rope sawmill is carried out from the control cabinet. The stone rope sawmill is equipped with an automatic cutting system and manual control. The diamond wire automatically returns “up” at slow speed. The set parameters, cutting speed, diamond wire fall, thickness and number of slabs to be cut can be read on the display.


Monolina, trak linowy do cięcia kamienia STJD-1800

Operating modes

  • manual – in manual mode we have the possibility to set the fall and speed of the line, as well as the time of trimming
  • automatic – in automatic mode, in addition to the above, we have the ability to set the passage of the carriage, the number of slabs to be cut (max. 5 different thicknesses) and the cutting time; possible mode of operation of automatic single cut – useful when wedging the slab;

Monolina, trak linowy do cięcia kamienia STJD-1800

Advantages of the Single wire saw for stone STJD-2200

  1. The machine’s heavy weight makes it stable at high speed
  2. The vertical bolts responsible for raising and lowering the wheels are made of high-quality steel
  3. Speed adjustment of the cart is smooth
  4. Bearings and electrical components from reputable European brands, including SKF and Siemens
  5. Simple and intuitive machine control panel
  6. Remote control for fine-tuning the carriage
  7. A cart with a rotating plate
  8.  The machine uses central lubrication for the guides, bolt and nut responsible for raising and lowering the wheel slides of the cable.
  9. Hydraulic wheel tensioning

Did you know?

We provide warranty and post-warranty service and spare parts. We will organize the transportation of the machine (priced individually) and install the machine and provide training for you and your employees. As one of the few machine suppliers we mill the working table.


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