Vertical glass washing machine, glass cleaner DYX-1600L

DYX-1600L is a vertical flat glass washer for cleaning and drying flat glass such as window panes, mirrors, glass panels, etc. It is a high-performance industrial equipment for use in glass factories, window manufacturing companies

The DYX-1600L is equipped with a number of advanced features for effective and efficient glass cleaning. The unit has a working width of 1600 mm, which makes it possible to clean even very large glass plates.

The DYX-1600L uses advanced technologies such as a demineralized water cleaning system, an air dehumidification system, a water filtration system, as well as speed and temperature control systems. As a result, the device not only provides effective cleaning, but also saves water and energy.

In summary, the DYX-1600L is an advanced and efficient glass washer that can effectively and efficiently clean flat glass.

Quality standard

Checking the glass with a black background and lights towards the glass, there are no water marks, roller marks, scratches on the glass, and the glass is dry and the panes do not hit each other when sliding on the rollers.


Technical parameters

  • Working speed: 0 – 7 m/min
  • Max glass width: 1600 mm
  • Min glass size: 500×300 mm
  • Glass thickness: 3-12mm
  • Power: 22kW
  • Machine dimensions: 6000x2000x2800 mm
  • Machine weight: ~2000kg
  • Brush diameter: 150 mm
  • Dimension of rubber rollers: 75 mm
  • Height of working table: 750mm

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