CNC 5-axis stone circular machine, monobloc bridge CNC stone saw DSCN 500A5

The DSCN 500A5 CNC monobloc saw is a five-axis stone cutting machine. This saw can cut, chamfer, grind edges, drill, machine circular arc and other special shapes. It is based on servo motors from the Italian company ESA.


The DSCN 500A5 CNC stone sawCNC stone saw

Types of cutting

  • Manual cutting: each axis can be moved by switches and in the program dedicated to the control of the machine (touch screen or keyboard + mouse), the speed of each axis is separately adjustable thanks to the mounted inverters + wireless remote control
  • Automatic cutting: single and multi-cutting, thanks to the appropriate control it is possible to make reliefs and letters after using the appropriate tools

CNC stone saw

The DSCN 500A5 CNC stone saw movement in the axes

  • X axis – right-to-left movement of the bridge
    Drive is realized by an oblique rack and pinion wheel; bearing on linear carriages
  • Y axis – cutting motion forward, backward
    Drive via bevel rack and pinion wheel; bearing on linear carriages
  • C axis – head rotation
    Rotation of the head with the disc from 0 to 360 degrees
  • A axis – spindle tilt
    Tilt in the range of 0-45-90 degrees
  • Z axis– vertical movement of the disc
    Drive is through a ball thread screw, which ensures very high accuracy and precision cutting

CNC stone saw

The DSCN 500A5 CNC stone saw construction

  • main bridge
  • tool head
  • monolithic base with 2 horizontal beams (replacing foundations)
  • table tilting 85 degrees, rotating 360 degrees
  • suction cups
  • camera

Cyrkularka do kamienia 5-osiowa CNC, piła mostowa monoblokowa DSCN 500A5

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